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We ask that all visitors arrive at the club by 7:30pm. You will be greeted by one of our club members and be taken to the sign in point where you will need to fill in a couple of registers and pay.

Things to note:

  • You must be at least 12 years of age and if U/15 you will need a parent or a guardian present while shooting.
  • You do not need a Firearms Licence to shoot on our range.
  • All unlicensed shooters, 18 years and over, must have some form of Photo Identification (student ID is OK),
  • All shooters, 18 years and over, using a class of firearm for which they are not licensed must have some form of Photo Identification.
  • Closed shoes are required and comfortable clothing is recommended as part of our shooting activity is conducted lying down in the prone position.
  • During winter warm clothes are advisable.
  • Bookings are essential so that adequate and appropriate coaching resources are available to ensure a safe and fun filled experience.

After signing in, you will make your way into the range area where you will probably see a few members practising on the 50m and 10m ranges. At around 8:00pm one of the club coaches will give you a safety brief covering the Do’s and Don’ts of shooting with Paramount. Please let the coach know if you are left handed.

Shooting will usually start on the 50m range using .22lr target rifles. The rifles you will be using are ex-competition rifles and some have been used at Commonwealth Games and World Cups. Until you become a proficient shooter you will be shooting off a rest which takes the weight of the rifle and gives you a lot of control. You will be assigned a coach and that person will take you through things like:

  • Getting into position
  • Looking through the sights and getting the right sight picture
  • How to load a round and use the bolt
  • Trigger control and breathing
  • Dry firing practice

Once the Range Officer gives the command to ‘Start’, you will fire five rounds used to sight in the rifle. Your coach will adjust the sights to get your shots closer to the bullseye.

You will then fire 20 scoring shots to give you a score out of 200. Your coach will give you advice while you shoot and will hopefully get you shooting a 10 (bullseye).

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have while shooting.

After completing your 20 shots, you will get a print out of your score and will be able to see where each of the rounds landed.

When all visitors have completed the 50m shoot you will move over to the Air Rifle range to be shown how to shoot the .177 Air Rifle. 

Once again, you will be assigned a coach who will help you through the shoot. You will be shown how to stand with the rifle and use the rest, how to get a good sight picture and firing technique.

You will be firing 5 sighting shots and 20 scoring shots with the air rifle as well. After the shoot you will be given another print out of your score.

After you finish shooting on the 50m and 10m ranges, you are more than welcome to stay and check out the members of the club shooting. Sometimes members will be training for a competition coming up at a State, National or International level. Other times members will be shooting an internal club competition.

If you stay and watch our members shoot, you will get to see how you can progress from shooting on a rest, to shooting with a jacket and sling (50m) or jacket, pants and shoes (10m).

If you enjoy your first shooting experience (we are sure you will !!), we encourage you to come back and keep shooting. We’d love to see you progress from shooting off a rest, to shooting self-supported, to becoming a member of our club and shooting each Friday night.

After shooting is finished for the night (anywhere from 9-10pm) we get together in the club room for a drink, some snacks and a chat. Visitors are more than welcome to join in and meet some of the club members and find out more about the club and target shooting.